Immobiliser & Driver ID

Keep Track of your Drivers & Immobilise your Vehicle Automatically

It’s easy to keep track of your drivers with Track My Ride. TMR is able to log who is driving your vehicles and immobilise the engine until an approved driver has tagged on. This is helpful for enhancing your vehicle’s security and logging who is operating your vehicles. When using the included driver ID tags, your drivers will be automatically recorded in your Track My Ride reports.

Enhance your vehicle’s security and streamline your record keeping today. Read more below to learn more about how our integrated driver ID system works.

Driver ID keyfobs are the perfect way to identify who is operating your vehicles from day to day. Simply tag on by pressing the included keyfob to the reader in your vehicle and you’ll be assigned as the driver of that vehicle, it couldn’t be easier.

To properly keep track of your drivers each of your staff members will need their own keyfob. 2 keyfobs are included with each Track My Ride unit. If you need more, additional keyfobs can be purchased from our online shop.

The included Driver ID reader is very easy to install and use. When a driver enters your vehicle they simply need to touch their keyfob to the reader to log themselves into the vehicle.

The Driver ID reader can also be used in conjunction with our engine immobiliser functionality to immobilise the vehicle until an authorised driver tags on.

With Track My Ride it’s easy to secure your vehicle and record who has been doing the driving.

Protect your Vehicles with Automatic Engine Immobilisation


The Engine Immobiliser feature built into Track My Ride is the easiest way to prevent your vehicles from being started except by those that are authorised.

When the driver enters the vehicle they will need to tag on first using their Driver ID keyfob before the engine can be started. This smart interlock ensures the correct driver of the vehicle is recorded for all journeys and that only those drivers with a Driver ID keyfob are allowed to start and operate the vehicle.

Driver ID coupled with the engine immobiliser functionality is the perfect way to enhance your vehicle’s security and improve your business’ safety.

It’s easy to install the Driver ID and Immobiliser functions while you fit Track My Ride to your vehicle. For further information on how to install Track My Ride, the Driver ID reader & engine immobiliser functions just visit