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Automatic Alerts for Important Events

We have advanced alerts for every situation. Be notified via Push, SMS and Email about critical events as they occur.

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Driving or Journeying

When a vehicle or team member is on the move, you'll be the first to know.

Moving after being parked

If a vehicle or team member moves after they have been stationary for 30 minutes.


Triggers when on a journey for more than 2 or 3 hours. Help manage your fatigue and rest.

Speed exceeding (1 point)

Want to know if even a single point above your target speed is recorded?

Speed exceeding (3 points)

If three consecutive points are received above your target speed.

Entering / exiting a zone

When entering or exiting one of your geozones, you'll know when and where.

Stopped for x minutes

If a vehicle or team member has been stationary without any new location updates.

Motion detected while eng. is off *

If someone is moving your vehicle while its engine is turned off, maybe it's being towed?

Engine turned on *

Has someone turned on the engine of your vehicle? Be the first to know!

Maintenance by due date

If you service your vehicles based on a fixed date or need to renew the rego, save the date!

Maintenance by odometer

If the vehicle's odometer exceeds your set value, it's time for a service.

Maintenance by hourmeter *

If the vehicle's engine on hourmeter exceeds your set value, don't forget your service.

Low voltage / unplugged / tamper *

If your vehicle's main battery is running low, or someone unplugs your tracker, you'll know!

Inputs *

Used to monitor external devices in the vehicle (pumps, lights, PTO, winches, etc).

Unassigned keyfob is used *

Has someone tagged on with an unrecognised driver ID keyfob?

Harsh acceleration *

If the peak acceleration of the vehicle exceeds your set G-force threshold.

Harsh braking *

If the peak braking of the vehicle exceeds your set G-force threshold.

Harsh cornering *

If the peak lateral cornering of the vehicle exceeds your set G-force threshold.

* This alert is available for Track My Ride Hardware Trackers only.

Alerts delivered straight to your phone or inbox

When managing a mobile team and their vehicles, being immediately aware of critical events is crucial. With Track My Ride, you'll receive real-time push notifications, email or SMS straight to your smartphone the moment an important alert is triggered.

Less noise, only the events that matter to you

Every operation has its own critical events to monitor. With Track My Ride's customisable alerting, you decide which alerts matter most. Choose from a wide range of criteria like speeding, unauthorised usage, maintenance issues and more. Get notified only about the situations that impact your efficiency and bottom line - no unnecessary noise. Flexible alerting tailored to your unique needs.

Flexible rules, thresholds and limits

With adjustable rules and thresholds, you control when alerts notify you. Set to receive only critical alerts during work hours, in specific zones, or based on your custom criteria - filtering out unnecessary noise. Configure alerts precisely for your needs.

Suppress alerts based on zones or time

Don't need to be notified every time you start your vehicle when leaving the office, or during certain hours of the day? No worries, it's simple to supress alerts based on the location they occur or time of the day.

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