Instantly locate

your vehicles

Track My Ride helps you locate your vehicles and keep them on schedule so you can keep growing your business.

Real-time Tracking

Track My Ride automatically tracks your vehicle 24/7, with real-time turn by turn tracking. Locate your vehicles any time through our easy to use web portal or smartphone app. Accurate to < 3 metres, Track My Ride will show you precisely where all your vehicles are and have been.

Historic driving playback

With our handy GPS playback function, you can quickly and easily look up exactly where one of your vehicles was and how fast it was moving anytime in the past since you installed Track My Ride.

Driver management & driver ID keyfob system

Track My Ride features a smart Driver ID system for keeping track of who was driving your vehicles. Your drivers simply need to key on when they enter the vehicle and they will automatically be recorded against that vehicle in your reports.

Vehicle speeds, direction, distances & more

Not only can you find where all your vehicles are, but you can access useful statistics and details for each vehicle including its speed, direction, distance traveled, engine hourmeters, voltages and much more.

Monitor external devices like pumps, PTO, alarms, etc

Do you need to monitor when external devices are being used on your vehicles or if external equipment is running? TMR can be easily connected to auxiliary 12V and 24V devices to monitor when and how long they are used for. This can be useful to monitoring when devices are activated or running including PTOs, alarms, lighting, drills, tilt trays, fuel pumps and similar equipment.

Outputs for switching external relays

Track My Ride features switchable output channels. These allow you to remotely switch on and off these channels from within Track My Ride. This can be very useful to being able to isolate or start remote equipment without having to drive out to visit it in person or for switching on/off a device connected to your Track My Ride GPS tracker via a relay at your command.

12V and 24V compatible with built in backup battery

We designed the Track My Ride GPS tracking hardware to be compatible with both 12V vehicles and 24V vehicles. This means no matter what you drive or how big it is, we have a solution for you. To keep installation easy, Track My Ride includes a Plug and Play OBDII power cable (and hard wiring loom) for a do it yourself plug and play install so you can be up and running in under a minute!

Comprehensive reports, journeys, time on site, shifts

Bring your vehicles online with automatic detailed reports to cover every aspect of your vehicle usage. Your new reports include the journey report, journey summary, tax logbook, engine on/off, time in zones, fuel usage, maintenance, utilisation and more. Our great reports make it easy for you to see how your vehicles are being used, and where you can make them more efficient saving you both time and money.

Tax logbook

Keeping a logbook of all your driving can be a pain, with Track My Ride we can fully automate your logbook record keeping! Use our smart tax logbook report to automatically classify the journeys your vehicle has made for business and private use.

Automatic alerts and notifications

Automatic alerts can easily be setup for all your vehicles to notify you via Email, SMS or push notifications directly to your phone. Our alerts can notify you when your vehicle is being tampered with (motion sensor), when your vehicle has started moving, if it’s moving on a weekend, if the battery has been disconnected and many many more unique alert criteria.

Panic switch for emergencies

Sometimes drivers can be in risky situations. The Panic Switch function of Track My Ride allows your driver to quickly press their panic switch in the vehicle and raise the alert that they need assistance or help. This functionality is also frequently used by our customers to give peace of mind for their aged family members as an easy way to notify their next of kin that they need assistance.

Geozones and boundaries

Geozones allow you to define a virtual fence around regions on the map that can be used to raise alerts and reports on. For example, you can create a geozone around your home and work to notify you every time your vehicle leaves home and arrives at work. Geozones are very easy to setup, simply draw them on the map in any size or shape.

Full API access

You can connect Track My Ride to your own website or internal business services via our handy API. We have an example of using our API to put a map of your company vehicles on your website. Find our more on using our API by clicking the link below.

Subaccounts with customised permissions

Subaccounts are great for creating a new login with customised permissions for your colleagues or family. This allows you to share access to your account data without sharing your own login details.